Love is the Answer


"I just don’t get why you’re saying it that way"

"Hwhy I’m saying hwhat hwhwat hway?"

"Forget it"

"I hwill. I hwill forget it"

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Chris Pratt heads to an archery range with a bow and arrow for a little target practice on Oct. 19th in Los Angeles, CA.

I live here yet never see Chris Pratt just walking around. Life isn’t fair.

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/ To You /

No matter how many heart breaks I endure I will continue to hope for you my love.

Even after the countless bad dates and nights spent alone, my heart skips a beat thinking of the first glimpse of your smile.

You see love, despite the pressures and heartache that this world brings I refuse to stop hoping. For that moment when your eyes meet mine will be worth all the years of waiting.

I’ll finally be home.

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